From the recording The Beginning

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I feel you rising in me now
I feel your presence dancing through my veins
Just one taste of your nearness God
Is a feeling, is a feeling, is a feeling that I cannot replace

No earthly treasure can hold the weight and value of your love
Your love it keeps me, keeps me right in place

I place my shames out on the floor
It’s got no place with me anymore
Take these pains from me, hear me roar
I’m set free, come on hear me roar

Heaven open your ears, for I am sure
Your kingdom awaits, just give me more
Come on and come down, open the door
I’m ready release the floodgates and let it pour, yeah

I feel you rising in me now
I think my chains just hit the floor
I feel you rising in me now
Taking me to a better place, I haven’t tasted before

I feel you rising in me now
Take my feet high and let me soar
I feel your breathe breathing in me now
Take my spirit and let us course

Let it Rise

Let my feet come and rest with you in the secret place
Where I’ve found my home
Let me dance on the hill tops away with you
Come and let me soar

Let it Rise